Why getting your finance pre-approved makes sense

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  1. You know up-front what your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments will be, and whether they’re within your budget
  2. You know the budget for the purchase price of the vehicle you’re looking to buy
  3. It can open up your options to different makes/ models, that you may not have considered before
  4. It can give you buying (negotiating) power – if the seller knows you’re pre-approved, they know you’re a serious buyer (as opposed to a “tyre-kicker”). They’ll also take you seriously, and knowing finance is not an obstacle, may be prepared to negotiate down from their asking price
  5. It can open up the markets you can shop in, including motor vehicle dealers and private sellers
  6. It can put you in the driver’s seat much quicker. With your finance already approved, we just need the exact details of the vehicle to generate the finance documents, have them signed by you and then settled.

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