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From mechanical warranties, loan protection and gap insurances, you can trust Finance 48 to cover you.

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Breathe easier with our array of warranties and insurances

Peace of mind is a priceless asset, would you agree?

Things happen, such is the nature of life. This can be in the form of a mechanical or electrical fault in your new motor vehicle, or you get into an unfortunate accident on the road.

Fortunately, Finance 48 has an array of warranty and insurance solutions to help you protect your precious asset, and you’ll be back on the road, sailing through the water or you’ll be safe at home before you know it. We alleviate your financial burden, and take care of the shortfalls, repairs and discrepancies.

With our extensive access to the best warranty and insurance products on the market, we afford you that much needed  peace of mind. Speak to us today about our Australia-wide, competitively priced warranties and insurances. You can ask us for an obligation-free quote while chatting to us about your loan requirements.

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Why come to Finance 48 for your insurance and warranty needs? 

Finance 48 is an independent finance broker, offering a fast, tailored approach to your lending needs. We also cover our clients for the insurance and warranty requirements. Here are a few reasons clients choose us. 

  • House all your lending requirements under one service provider – this is more convenient for you
  • You will get an extremely holistic, personalised and tailored service  
  • Our insurances and warranties team are completely across your loan
  • You hold the power! You will be presented with an array of options, and you choose the best for you
  • Finance can be unpredictable, which is why we are accessible outside of standard work hours

How can our warranties and insurance team support you?

We will always compare prices for you, providing you with the best transparent options on the available warranty and insurance covers.

Mechanical Warranties

Whether you’re buying a new or used motor vehicle, our warranty policies will ensure you can glide through the roads of Western Australia, stress-free. Thinking of selling your vehicle whilst…
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Loan Protection

Things happen. By taking out loan protection insurance, you take the financial and emotional stress out of paying off your vehicle loan, with cover to help you meet your loan…
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Gap Insurance / Shortfall

GAP or Guaranteed Asset Protection covers any outstanding loan balance if your vehicle is deemed a total loss write off in the event of an accident or theft. It covers…
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Get in touch with our finance team in Perth 

Are you ready to talk to us about your finance needs? Whatever your question is, we are here to help, and to bring clarity to your situation.
Please feel free to contact our team right away.