In today’s business world, adequate financial support is crucial for both growth and stability. Many startups and established companies in Perth turn to Finance 48 for this reason. We offer a range of business loans designed to meet the varied needs of these businesses. 

Understanding our business loan solutions 

Finance 48 has its finger on the pulse of Perth’s business community. Our offerings reflect our understanding of the city’s entrepreneurial spirit and its businesses’ financial needs: 

Secured equipment loans: Businesses often need to upgrade or acquire new equipment to stay competitive. Our secured equipment loans allow businesses to do just that, with the equipment often serving as collateral. 

Master finance facilities for equipment purchases: Recognising the continuous need for equipment among businesses, this facility allows companies to make multiple equipment acquisitions under one pre-approved finance facility, negating the need for repeated approvals. 

Term loans: These are traditional loans designed for business expansion or large-scale projects. They come with a fixed term and predictable repayment structures. 

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Unsecured business loans: For businesses that might not have collateral but have a strong operational history, our unsecured loans offer the perfect solution.

Bank overdrafts: These provide businesses with the flexibility of additional funds, ensuring smooth operations even during cash flow hiccups.

Commercial property purchases: Ideal for businesses looking to invest in commercial real estate, whether it’s for expansion or as an investment.

SMSF lending: Our expertise extends to providing lending solutions for self-managed super funds, an increasingly popular choice among businesses.

Debtor/invoice finance: Cash flow can be a challenge, especially when clients delay payments. Our debtor finance solution allows businesses to borrow against their invoices, ensuring steady cash flow.

Mid-term refinance: Businesses can consolidate and restructure their existing loans, availing better interest rates and terms.

Refinance of expiring residuals/balloons: Before the end of your loan term, we can help restructure and refinance, ensuring continuity and financial stability.

Flexible structures for various business types: We provide finance solutions tailored not only to the needs but also to the structures of businesses. Whether you’re a sole-trader, in a partnership, operate as a trust, or run a company, Finance 48 has loan options designed specifically for you.

The edge that Finance 48 provides

While our financial products are competitive, it’s our service that truly sets us apart in the Perth market:

Personal interactions: In a world that’s rapidly digitising, we still believe in the value of face-to-face interactions. By meeting our clients in person, we get a better understanding of their business needs and challenges. This personalised approach ensures that our financial solutions are not just tailored but also deeply aligned with each business’s objectives.

Online portal for time-strapped clients: We understand that not all businesses have the luxury of time. For those pressed on it, we provide access to our secure online portal. Here, clients can swiftly fill out our application form and upload any requisite supporting documents.

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Guided expertise: With our director, Paul McKinley, being a Chartered Accountant, we bring a depth of expertise to the table. We

We simplify complex financial data, helping businesses understand and navigate their financial pathways better.

We simplify intricate financial data to assist brokers in enhancing their understanding and navigation of financial pathways.

Extensive lender collaboration: We boast collaboration with an extensive panel of over 60 commercial lenders. We workshop with this vast network, ensuring we pinpoint the most competitive and aligned loan solution tailored for each client’s needs.

Rapid response: Time is often of the essence in business. Recognising this, we prioritise swift responses and efficient processes, ensuring businesses get the funds they need without unnecessary delays.

Transparent presentation: After our workshop, we share all viable options with the client. We prioritise transparency, ensuring clients grasp the details of proposed solutions. We guide businesses through the application and contract phases, answering any questions they have.

Ongoing support: After securing a loan, we regularly check in to ensure the loan meets the business’s evolving needs. Unlike the typical ‘set and forget’ approach, we’re a consistent, behind-the-scenes partner offering continued guidance.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility is straightforward with Finance 48—the only basic requirement is that you hold an ABN:

ABN requirement: We cater to a broad spectrum of businesses. Whether you’ve recently acquired an ABN or have been in operation for years, we have loan options suitable for your business phase.

Documentation flexibility: Understanding that businesses have different levels of documentation readiness, we provide varied options:

  • Full-doc: For those who can provide all financials.
  • Low-doc or no-doc: For businesses with limited or no standard financial documents.

Moving forward with Finance 48

Finance 48 is here to support Perth businesses with tailored loan solutions and dedicated service. No matter your business stage or needs, we have a financial product that fits. Ready to explore your options? Contact us today to get started.

Clients enjoy working with us as we apply a completely common sense approach to lending, and we work to get each and every business that much closer to their overall company goals.

Our team of commercial and business loans specialists are here to get your business’ productivity to the next level. Chat to our commercial and business loans team today.

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