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Finance 48 is dedicated to helping you enjoy the diverse leisure opportunities Perth and Western Australia have to offer. Our tailored leisure finance solutions are designed to make your dreams of owning a motorhome, caravan, motorbike, boat, yacht, jet ski, or plane a reality. From cruising along the stunning coastlines to exploring remote inland areas, our financial packages enable you to experience the region’s natural beauty to the fullest.  

Find out how a leisure loan from Finance 48 could transform your life and learn more about how our process is tailored to make your aspirations attainable.  

Caravans and motorhomes 


Owning a motorhome or caravan in Perth and Western Australia provides an unparalleled opportunity to discover the region’s stunning landscapes with freedom and flexibility. This travel mode merges transport and accommodation and is both cost-effective and comfortable, with personal amenities like a kitchen and bathroom. 

You’ll enjoy a deeper connection with nature, staying in beautiful, scenic locations. Being part of the welcoming caravan and motorhome community also means forming new friendships with like-minded travellers.  

Importantly, motorhomes and caravans offer access to Western Australia’s remote areas, often beyond the reach of conventional travel, ensuring a truly unique and immersive adventure. WA boasts numerous caravan parks set in idyllic settings, complete with convenient facilities. This form of travel is also eco-friendly, minimising water use and waste. Plus, it’s great for pet owners, allowing the whole family to travel together. 


Owning a motorbike in Perth and WA offers a blend of adventure and convenience. The region’s stunning landscapes, from coastal roads to outback trails, are ideal for motorbike riding. In urban areas, motorbikes ease navigation through traffic and simplify parking, especially in busy spots like Perth’s CBD.  

The area’s mild, sunny climate enhances the riding experience, making motorbiking enjoyable year-round. Additionally, the strong motorbike community in Western Australia offers camaraderie and opportunities for social rides and events. Motorbikes are also a more sustainable transport option, with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, an important consideration in environmentally conscious times.  

Boats and yachts 

Owning a boat or yacht in WA allows for exploration of the region’s stunning coastlines and waterways. From the serene Swan River and the charming Rottnest Island to the vibrant Ningaloo Reef and the remote Kimberley coast, each location offers unique experiences.  

The area’s ideal climate promotes frequent maritime activities, making it perfect for both leisurely sailing and adventurous boating. Rich in marine life, these waters are a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Being a boat or yacht owner here also connects you with a vibrant maritime community, offering camaraderie and support. 

This ownership provides the freedom to discover secluded beaches and coastal towns, enhancing your experience of Western Australia’s natural beauty. Moreover, boating and yachting offer a peaceful escape, allowing for relaxation and a unique perspective on the region’s picturesque maritime environment. 

Jet skis 

Owning a jet ski in Perth offers thrilling access to the region’s spectacular coastlines. The vast expanse of the Indian Ocean provides a perfect backdrop for adrenaline-filled rides. 

WA’s climate is perfect for jet skiing, encouraging frequent and exhilarating rides. Jet skis are not just about speed and excitement; they’re also great for exploring marine life. As a jet ski owner, you’re part of an energetic and passionate community, sharing experiences and adventures. 

Owning a jet ski in Western Australia means you can easily explore hidden coves and beaches, adding an adventurous element to experiencing the state’s natural beauty. Jet skiing here isn’t just a sport; it’s a way to engage actively with the stunning maritime environment, offering both exhilaration and a unique way to enjoy our picturesque coastlines. We can assist you with marine insurance as well. Contact Us today for more information.


Owning a plane in Perth or Western Australia is highly beneficial as it allows for quick and convenient travel across long distances—crucial in a state as large as Western Australia. It opens up easy access to remote areas, from the Kimberley in the north to Esperance in the south, which are otherwise challenging to reach. 

For business owners and professionals, a private plane is a valuable asset. It bypasses the limitations of commercial flight schedules, particularly in remote regions, offering flexibility and efficiency for business travel.  

Recreational pilots gain a unique perspective of Western Australia’s stunning landscapes, from its coastlines to the outback. Owning a plane also means joining a community of flying enthusiasts, enhancing the flying experience through shared adventures and exploration. 

In addition, private planes can play a crucial role in providing quicker access to medical and emergency services in spread-out regions, proving beneficial not just for personal use but also as a community resource. 

Leisure loans with Finance 48 

At Finance 48, we specialise in providing leisure finance in Perth, ensuring that our clients can fully indulge in the exciting parts of life. We understand that life isn’t just about necessities; it’s also about enjoying the finer things. That’s why our dedicated team is committed to helping you finance life’s pleasures, whether your dream involves adventures on the road, water, or in the skies. 

Our expertise in leisure finance means we can assist you in acquiring a range of leisure assets, from state-of-the-art caravans for road trips across Australia to boats for weekend adventures on crystal clear waters, and even jet skis for some high-speed fun. Our goal is to make your dream purchase a reality. 

We stand by our clients every step of the way, offering flexible and affordable finance packages. After evaluating options from our extensive panel of over 50 national lenders, we work to secure a competitive loan that fits your desires and budget. Our approach is tailored and personalised, ensuring that your finance solution is unique to you. 

At Finance 48, we pride ourselves on being more than just a finance broker. We are your long-term finance partners, offering a fast and tailored approach to your lending needs. With a dedicated finance manager who specialises in leisure finance, we guarantee a service that is both personal and expert. 

Understanding that insurance is a crucial part of the process, we provide an array of options to suit your needs. We are also accessible outside standard work hours, acknowledging that finance can sometimes be unpredictable. 

We welcome those who might have had finance rejected previously. It’s our passion to find a way to make your leisure dreams come true. With us, it’s always your loan, your way. 

So, if you’re dreaming of owning a caravan, motorbike, boat, yacht, jet ski, or even a plane for your leisure activities, Finance 48 is here to turn that dream into a reality. Get in touch with us today. 

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